What a day!

Microsoft is supporting OpenID and Apple is denouncing DRM.

Hell just froze over and I'm standing here like an idiot without my skates.

Way to go, guys! More when I can pick my jaw off the ground.


My guesses as to why each of these are being announced? (Everyone has a pet theory, these are mine.)

One, Kim Cameron knows that it is trivial to proxyCardSpace as an OpenID provider, and they (rightly) want to serve that directly to the end user, and perhaps retain some/most of the endpoint URLs. Plus, this gives them much more leverage over the direction of OpenID 2.0, particular as it pertains to trust, something that Kim Cameron knows a lot about, and something that Microsoft can be a long-term winner in by getting in early (or again and again) on.

And two, Apple knows something that the public doesn't: that FairPlay is eventually going to be broken, hard, and as Jobs mentions, it's Apple that will be left holding the bag.

(Those are just suppositions, of course.)