I would like to invite everyone to visit the new website for the OpenSearch community: screenshot

The website houses the most recent version of the OpenSearch specification, hosts a new mailing list, and will provide a resource for everyone that would like to get involved with the design and development process. The site is powered by a wiki based publishing system, so it should be easy to stay current with new ideas and applications in the world of search syndication.

Many people deserve recognition for making this website possible, but in particular I would like to thank Bill, David, Jonathan, Joel, Rob, Dan, Kai, and everyone else at A9 and at Amazon for their tireless support of OpenSearch. My hat is off to them for seeing the value of community and for going out of their way in promoting the growing search ecosystem.

I'd also like to thank Michael Fagan, Joe Gregorio, James Snell, Aaron Sauve, Niall Kennedy, Chris Fairbanks, and a host of others for helping create the specification, previewing the website, and just generally putting up with me for the past six months. And a very special thanks to Jeff at Amazon (yes, that Jeff) for having the vision and foresight to give us the opportunity to create OpenSearch in the first place.

While there are many things still left to do at, I hope that this new website offers the community a place to come together and share our ideas and our work.

(And please forgive my perfunctory layout and design. Perhaps this is one way in which you would like to contribute to the community?)

Update: After adjusting the configuration and re-enabling memcached and php-eaccelerator, I believe I have the performance issues fixed. Please let me know if there are any other problems with the site. Thanks!