Introducing Delancey, A Enhancement


What Is Delancey?Delancey is an online bookmark manager that enhances the social bookmarking service. Delancey presents an alternate view of a user's bookmarks by keeping track of which ones are used most frequently.

How Do I Use Delancey?

You will need a account to use Delancey. If you don't have one, please register for now.

Now go to Delancey, enter your username, and pick one of your tags to display.


If you'd like to see how Delancey works but don't have your own account, check out the Delancey demonstration. The URL counts and short names will be reset every few minutes.

When you are ready to use your own name, please be sure to bookmark the Delancey Homepage, not the permalink to the demostration page.

Display Names:

Delancey can store a short name for your bookmark. These names are stored separately from the bookmark names, so feel free to use anything you like. To edit the name just click on the bookmark count.


To quickly return to a username and tag in Delancey keep a bookmark to the "Permalink."

Advanced Usage:

If you are a long-term user, then you will no doubt already have plenty of bookmarks. However, you may not have been using to bookmark the sites you visit every day. Now is a good time to add your favorite sites to

Consider tagging your favorite sites with a unique keyword and use this tag as your primary Delancey view. I recommend the tag "delancey", if only so we can see what is popular among all of us.


All requests are cached for several minutes so as not to put load on the servers. You will see a delay between changes you make in and when they appear on Delancey.

Delancey It! Bookmarklet:

The "Delancey It" Bookmarklet can be dragged to your browser toolbar. Use this bookmarklet to easily tag your favorite pages with the word "delancey".


You can claim your username in order to prevent other people from using it and increment your bookmark counts. Simply enter a valid username and click on the "Claim" link. You will be asked to pick a Delancey password and then verify that you are that user on

How Does Delancey Work?

Delancey doesn't make a copy of your bookmarks, it just stores additional information about them. Your bookmarks are all stored on the server, and the counts and the display names are stored on the Delancey server. Since Delancey doesn't know your password, Delancey can't modify your bookmarks in any way.

The username you enter into Delancey is used to fetch the public list of your last 100 bookmarks from Delancey extracts a list of the tags you've associated with those 100 bookmarks and uses this list to populate the tag autocomplete box.

When you click on a bookmark, a message is sent to the Delancey server to increment the counter. This counter is returned by the Delancey server when you fetch your bookmarks.

Note that that requests to are cached for 5 minutes so as to reduce load on servers. Thus there may be a delay between adding a bookmark to and seeing the changes appear on Delancey.


Delancey asks for your username only to retrieve your list of bookmarks and to stake claims. These bookmarks are retrieved via the public feed APIs. Neither your username nor your bookmarks are stored permanently on the Delancey server, and they will not be used for anything other to fetch the page. The bookmark counts and usernames are stored in the Delancey database using a one-way hashes that your browser computes.


Delancey does not know your password and can not write to your account, so there is no danger of your original bookmarks being corrupted. And if you claim your Delancey username, only you can read or write to the bookmark click counts.

For Developers:

There will be a follow-up article on the creation of Delancey, including links to all of the source code.


Delancey is known to work on Firefox 1.0, Firefox 1.5, Internet Explorer 6.0, and Safari 2.0. Support for additional browsers will be added as time permits. Currently, using access keys rather than explicit mouse clicks fails to increment counts on both Safari and IE.

If you find additional bugs or have suggestions on how to improve Delancey, please comment on this post.

More information:

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