Bye Bye BlackBerry

It is really amusing seeing DavegettingsodarnexcitedabouthisnewBlackBerry.

While I understand his enthusiasm about being able to read (and write) syndicated content on a mobile device, I personally arrived at a totally different place with my BlackBerry. In fact, that place would be hurling the damn thing over the side of the Golden Gate bridge if I didn't have a conscience about the fish below.

I was all excited when I bought one last year, too. But after a few months the novelty wore off and the fatigue set in. I learned to loathe being connected 24/7. I was irritated by my compulsive behavior of pulling it out and looking for new messages every 2 minutes. And I was embarassed for M. having to be seen with me, the ugly grey box hanging off my belt like I was some sort of second-rate Batman.

After cutting the ties to the corporate email server last week, I picked up the most appropriate phone I could find: a Morotola PEBL.

Motorola PEBL

Small enough to fit in a pocket, light enough not to notice, and most importantly, it is nothing but a regular old phone.

So let Dave his enjoy his BlackBerry for now. Just promise to write about it again in year. (I'll hang on to mine, we can run them over with our cars together.)